Sabina Terrades is originally from Paris, France, and moved to the USA 23 years ago to join her boyfriend (now husband), a born and bread New Yorker. She is very much a "mutt" as her mother is half Polish, half Russian and her father was born in Algeria! She now has a 12-year-old daughter with special needs (ASD) and a 15-year-old son. She has been very involved in the community by volunteering with the Spirit of Shrewsbury Festival, STOP, and her church, Wellspring United Methodist Church. Her heart has always been in ministry to the broken and forgotten (the homeless, addicts, refugees, etc.). She has a passion for social justice and for fighting prejudice and discrimination in all its forms: Racism, sexism, ageism, prejudice against religions, cultural backgrounds, physical appearance, sexual orientation, disabilities, etc. Sabina was very much bullied in middle school and strongly believe we need to increase awareness about mutual love and acceptance, especially with children and youths.

Her favorite quote comes from Mother Teresa: "If you want to change the world, pick up a broom!"

Sabina is in charge of the Marketing, PR and website for the STOP program.

Steve Sadow enjoys crossing cultural boundaries. As a professor of Spanish at Northeastern University, he taught about the cultures and literatures of Latin America and Spain. He is bilingual in English and Spanish and reads novels and newspapers in French, Portuguese and Italian. He travels to Argentina every year and Mexico every third. Steve has studied the sacred texts of many of the world’s religions. He loves doing Tai-Chi and paddling his handmade kayak.

Steve is a member of Congregation B’nai Shalom in Westborough.

Steve is the point of contact for our sponsoring organizations and is also in charge of the sessions logistics.

Our Team

Students Together Opposing Prejudice 

Badiaa Begag is a dedicated wife, a devoted mom of two wonderful teenagers, and has been a skilled elementary teacher at Alhuda Academy for more than 10 years and a member of the Worcester Islamic Center community. She has been a S.T.O.P adult advisor for middle and high school students in the Shrewsbury area since 2013.

Badiaa loves teaching her students to love God first; respect humanity & diversity, respect each other, and last but not least protect the environment. She enjoys art, math, science, movies, and sports especially likes watching the Pats and Celtics.

Badiaa joined STOP to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives, help students with self confidence, teach them to believe in themselves, and to teach that tolerance and acceptance have no borders.

Badiaa’s Favorite Quote: “Pray, Work, Give, and Forgive! “

Badiaa is part of the Curriculum Team and the High School Facilitator Training

Véronique Orcel enjoys learning! Learning  especially about people she meets, their background and history, their beliefs.  She is a passionate of fighting for justice, equality and respect that she believes will be bring lasting peace.  Her first encounter in becoming an ally for a classmate was when she was 8 years old.  She was very vocal but did not know the best ways to stand for others. She is very grateful to have discovered S.T.O.P., its resourceful and efficient program in preventing prejudice  She enjoys sharing its values and tools. Veronique, born French and catholic, has found an enhancing new home in Congregation B’nai Shalom. 

Veronique is in charge of our Registration Process and is part of the Curriculum Team and High School Facilitator Training.