Through short teachings, videos, activities and group discussions, students have the opportunity to learn to recognize and respond to stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination both individually and in groups.  Led primarily by trained high school facilitators who have graduated from S.T.O.P, the program is composed of 8 sessions, each specially designed, highly interactive and with a specific theme. 

Session 1:  Personal Identity
Main Goal: Students are introduced to each other’s beliefs/ traditions in order to promote understanding and respect while also learning the definition of prejudice, racism, stereotyping, etc.

Session 2:  Individual-to-Group Identity
Main Goal: Students identify and express their feelings of being a minority/ group while developing a sense of the harm of exclusion

Session 3:  Effects of Discrimination                                                                                           

Main Goal: Begin to learn/ truly understand the consequences of stereotyping and discrimination, and explore further cyber bullying

Session 4: How Do I Respond?                                                                                                                   Main Goal: Formulate strategies for responding to prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping and explore ways to become an ally to others

Session 5: How We Stereotype/ How to Avoid Stereotyping, etc.                                                 
Main Goal: Become aware of the impact of intolerance and explore ways in which intolerance can be effectively addressed

Session 6: Processing What We Have Learned                                                                       
Main Goal: Process what we’ve learned and explore strategies for teaching others how to confront prejudice

Session 7: Practicing / Sharing What We Have Learned
Main Goal: Share the most meaningful learning moment this year at S.T.O.P. and what we commit to practice further

Session 8: Celebration
Main Goal: Students invite Parents for Potluck Dinner to share what they have been learning/ practicing this year at S.T.O.P.Type your paragraph here.


Students Together Opposing Prejudice